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Cygnus - 100% Dope(CPU)

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Legendary Sheffield electronic imprint CPU reaches its milestone 100th release.

To celebrate this, it seems fitting that the artist on 0011100 is the same one that created release 0000000 in 2012, Cygnus. Hailing from Dallas, anyone familiar with his music will know how well crafted each of his releases are. The spirit and influences are clear from places like Detroit, but Cygnus always injects his very own Cyborg spirit into what he creates.

Anyone who is familiar with Phillip, the person behind the music will undoubtedly be familiar with the warm and unique character he is. Also, he is quite eccentric and hugely entertaining and all of these elements translate directly to the music he creates.

The 100% dope release features five cuts of high-class electronics fully maintaining the ethos of the label to release only the finest calibre of music. ‘Bad RGB controller’ is best described as cyborg symphonic soul music. Futuristic in the best sense of the word. ‘100 Dope’ adds some vocals in the form of a vocoder inflected delivery.

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Essentially an ode to science fiction, computer games and technology, again not sounding like quite anything else. ‘Float back to the surface’ reminds me in parts of Dopplereffekt yet where some can sound like those that influence here Cygnus is simply in the same musical space creating something uniquely his. More vocals and cyborg futuristic soul music. ‘Throwing shade’ is straight up rhythmic fire, crisp beats and driving synths and more computer game referencing vocals. Irreverent, fun and has the funk too. Perfect for the dancefloor.

Closing out this superb release is ‘England club deep’ which is more of the same quality. Warm, soulful from a master of his craft. Nothing too heavy just mind-bending electronic sounds too loose yourself in. I can only imagine that this in some way represent either Cygnol’s memories or impressions of music in the UK.

Safe to say the union of Cygnol and CPU for the latter’s 100th release is nothing short of perfect as both parties have the same high grade quality control on everything they touch.

A future classic for sure.

Reviewed by Neil Martin