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Dany Rodriguez - Spirit 82 (LINK Audio)

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Link Audio was established in 2019 to as an complement to the LINK Festival and events series, the concept has gone from strength to strength and has been well received by the electronic music community. Some incredible artists have released on this relatively young label already – Oliver Way, Marco Bailey and CYRK to name a few, not to mention a personal fave of mine, Alexander Kowalski, an incredible release – check it out. The site is cool, I love the whole idea, design and concept of the whole thing.

Dany Rodriguez is a Spanish born, Belgium based DJ, live act, producer and promoter with a veritable treasure trove of releases, labels, collaborations and parties under his belt, spanning over more than two decades. Label wise, the aforementioned LINK concept, Recode Muisk and RMR. He’s worked with via collaboration or releasing their music such luminaries as Ben Sims, Mark Broom, John Selway, The Advent – the list goes on and on, I’d be here all day listing a who’s who of the electronic music scene. I sincerely recommend an internet rabbit hole dive on Dany, so much good music to discover.

a info artwork full screen square image

On to the music! The A side and title track Spirit 82. Deep, dark, squelching electro cut, sweeping sporadic FX, imperceptible vocal snippets, stabs and percussion changes. Heavenly pads rise in the last half of the track in contrast to the metallic machine funk percussion. Quirky, weird, deep, funky electro music for the dancefloor.

The B side is Brain Picture. A muffled deep shuffling broken break beat is given some funk by a locomotive sounding clap/snare. Shimmering emotive pads, engulf the track, the rising almost plucked sounding bass, synth lines chorusing with the bass.

This is an absolute pleasure in the headphones, builds and builds, but in a subtle, not heavy way. This is one of those just before the sun comes up, lost in the music tracks.

All in all this is a great release. Both cuts bring something different to the table, the A side a bit more of a direct wonky dancefloor piece and the B side a bit more of a hypnotic, lost in the music, eyes closed affair. Both quality from a quality label and a guy that really knows what he’s doing.

Reviewed By: Matt Sever