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DJ Godfather - D3T.3L3CTR0 (Databass)

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Legendary Detroit turntablist and producer DJ Godfather delivers 16 slices of raw, elecrtronic futurism

For the uninitiated, DJ Godfather was at the forefront of the Detroit electro/ghettotech movements which deftly combined elements of Chicago House, Detroit techno, electro with touches of hip hop and at times a smattering of drum and bass/jungle - but what really sets these sounds apart is the way they are spun in the clubs, and DJ Godfather is, undoubtedly, the master of delivering these beats in his own unique, frenetic, energetic mashup turntablist style.

Here Godfather takes a step back from the ghettotech, focussing purely on the machine funk of Detroit electro. This is pure electronics, a vision of the future that could only come out of the Motor City, a vision that has stood the test of time, Detroit has always had one foot in future.

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Detroit techno fans won’t be disappointed with this either – the connection is evident here, in fact it’s the focus – this is techno by any other name, albeit with those big, phat, juicy electro beats. This is jump-up, this is melancholic, this is icy-cool, this is hot AF and everything in-between.

Raw, energized, metallic basslines collide with fearsome 808 drum workouts; thunderous, low tones smash into piercing highs to deliver a crystalline vision of the Motor City’s past, present and future all in one glorious, replete package.

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16 smashing slices of sonic skullduggery are on offer here, unmixed, pure and divine. DJ Godfather nimbly displays his diversity and skill here as a producer, he’s one of the few DJs whose skill in the studio matches their ability behind the decks.

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This one is not to be missed for techno and electro enthusiasts alike – out on digital and vinyl formats later this week.

Check. This. Out.

Reviewed by: The Hi-Tek Lo-Life