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Inkipak – Temporal flux (Distant Worlds)

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Distant Worlds return with more electronic goodness for our ears and feet. Inkipak has steadily been building his name for the last few years on some choice imprints showing how well received his sonic visions are received in the electronic community. Distant Worlds have equally built their excellent reputation on a number of quality releases from some proper talent within that community. This release is no exception as the label’s curator, Paul Rimbaud has a sense of quality control second to none. Now let us get to the music.

‘Redshyft’ is seriously forward sounding tackle, dreamy chords, and acid complete with an understated breakbeat heart that ties the whole thing together nicely. What a fantastic way to open a release, that really sets the tone perfectly.

‘Node’ does something similar yet in a more laidback manner. That futuristic acid groove for the more discerning listener.

‘Inevitable’ has more searching, dreamy chords, and acid. The breakbeats are pure fire, and we have three out of three as far as the way the acid blends with the pads on this is perfect. A versatile cut that would be well received on many dancefloors.

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‘Recharge’ is the final track on this super choice collection of forward breakbeat acid grooves and as expectedly this is choicer electronic grooves for your ears and feet. The breakbeats are more tightly produced fire and the acid is replaced by some wicked work on the synths that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the groove. A forward sort of bleep for the 21st century and beyond.

A label that rightly deserves the description of ‘buy on sight’ maintains that as it delivers a classic collection for forward grooves. Inkipak is a perfect artist to further broaden the labels roster of high-class electronic goodness. Get it bought folks.

Reviewed By: Neil Martin