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dynArec - Force in the Sum (CPU)

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For those yet to discover the unique musical force that is dynArec, you’ve got a real treat in store. Intricately arranged, tightly produced and brilliantly shifting, eternally evolving otherworldly sonic manifestations would go some way toward defining his sound, but let’s dig a little, deeper, shall we.

As far as I’m aware, dynArec has been putting his musical vision forth since around 2003, with releases on legendary outfits such as Delsin, Electrix, Puzzlebox, Cultivated Electronics and more. On top of that, he’s also the founder of his own label; Vaporwave, further exposing this man’s unique reconceptualising of electronic music.

To say that his sound is uniquely powerful would be an understatement, there is, however, always some current of beautifully provocative harmonics doing battle with the fearsome percussion, neither side winning the battle but both sides always coming together as a glorious whole, birthing a new, shimmering thing of wonder.

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Kicking things off in formidable fashion, “A Dispatching Role” is driven by an elegant urgence, warm and soothing, and still tough as you like – and there you have it, the power is in the collision of tightly woven percussion with intricate layers of goosebump forming harmonics, overlain with flourishes of adrenaline inducing funk. This is a distinctly utopian vision of some potential future, or some other realm, albeit with some sinister undercurrents in the hooks and bass. Quite the journey.

“Stabilized” is like putting Dopplereffekt, Kraftwerk and the mighty Drexciya in a blender, and it sounds - as you would imagine - mind-bendingly good. This is some toughly forged, metallic electro - laden with melancholia and icy cool vox. “Classification of Elements”, though slightly more ‘techno’ in flavour continues with the sensibilities of interwoven lines of melodious allure, utopic synths, wonderfully abrasive funk and the darned right classification that “...what matters is the sound”.

“Canonical Form” with its borderline industrial beats complements this EP perfectly. Seemingly the soundtrack to some epic, trans dimensional journey, there’s not many words that exist in standard vocabulary to describe this thunderous track. Thoughtful, pensive keys over harshly reverberating, reversing bass and drums are the order of the day here and boy does the intensity build.

This is a collection of music for forward thinking, open-minded travellers on the interdimensional highway. For those looking for places previously unvisited by other musical genres, this is both intrinsically fresh and fundamentally dope futurism. Essential.

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