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dynArec - Murder Is the Number (Cultivated Electronics)

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The enigmatic dynArec, for me, is one of the most consistently underrated, underappreciated artists in the field of techno/electro - having produced around 29 releases dating as far back as 2003 on labels such as the legendary Puzzlebox, Electrix, and his debut on the one and only Delsin – a man to be watched, undoubtedly. His sound is fiercely assertive, with some hints of influence from Drexciya/Stinson, maybe Aux 88 as well, but the mix is heady, and to be honest, this sound is all dynArec – he's made this all his own. It kicks, bites, and gnaws away from the edges until it is all consuming.

Hailing out of France (yeah, right – for me, the sound is pure Motor-City, sorry) but hats off to Chris Kalera (dynaRec) for providing consistently top notch, innovative electro flavoured techno for so long. This is the first, full EP for Cultivated Electronics – and it is, of course, a belter.

Kicking off, with all guns blazing, we have the industrial electro piledriver that is “Stop and Stall”, heavy on the kick drums, not exactly light on the freestyle arrangement/drum programming – with the obligatory funk from ferociously off kilter stabs and sawtooth riffs -and I mean hard funk. Some lovely, but not overpowering pads add some necessary harmonics that round this number off tightly. This is going to peel people’s skin off on the dancefloor!

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“In Motion” is a more Detroit techno affair, with that metallic phonk in an almost P-funk style, screeching through over a more ‘four to the flour’ drum workout, albeit with that heavy swing giving it a slightly more freestyle tinge. The melody on this one has something quite special at its core, high pitched, seemingly bell tones adding an intensely melodic, alien vibe – albeit a little too short in my opinion – maybe that’s what makes it all the more special. One for the ages.

Abstract electro techno is the order of the day with “Specialized in Anything”, crisp, simplistic 808 drums underpinned by fearsome 4 x 4 kicks and old –school hardcore hoover sounds combine perfectly with the sublime pads and bleep-funk flourishes – it's all about the cohesive mix between clearly contrasting vibes that make dynArec’s work so special – as I’ve always maintained – it's the interstitial nature of good electronica that makes it great. Funky, driving, dissonant, bleepy, industrial-hardcore, quite the mix: and boy does it gel sublimely.

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Finally, last but not least (I find myself saying this all too often, but artists seem to be saving the best tracks for the final cut on so many releases these days) we have the sublimely energetic “Lowest Perceived Legitimacy”. Formidable 808 drum trax underpin a fresh, melodic electro cut, replete with soul, funk and mechanics in equal measure. This is definitely my preferred cut out of a top-quality selection just because of the deep, epic sense of composition of the keys and pads over this bouncy electro drum track. This is going to rip dancefloors to shreds, and leave many happy, slippery strips of glistening meat that may have trouble getting themselves together to make their exit.

100% recommended, profoundly epic and funky future sounds.

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Reviewed by: The Hi-Tek Lo-Life