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Various - Fragments of reality vol.2 (20/20 Vision)

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20/20 Vision offshoot Fragments of Reality returns with it’s second release of various artists providing the goodies. Having collected records on 20/20 since it started in the mid 90’s I have come to associate it with high class electronics, sometimes experimental, always authentic and definitely original. So, it is with interest this comes my way with the added twist of the label’s output being curated by Luther Vine of Phonica records..

Getting to the music and the first cut is a collaboration between Subb-an and the afore mentioned curator, Luther Vine with a track called ‘Expression’ and things begin with energy, rising synth sounds that lead into a throbbing bass line. Plenty of depth is added as the track builds adding percussion to the mix too. The whole thing just grooves along in a 4am fashion and I like it.

Rudolph C is up next with ‘Animal anthem’ and again the percussion is strong from the off with plenty of sub bass that you know will go off in a club. Again, we have some great chords that drive you as much as immerse you in the groove and this is another great tune.

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On the flip is Pyramid with ‘Voodoos and taboos’ and this sounds fresh to my ears. Acid done nicely and things groove along in a funky sense. There are some sounds in this that wouldn’t be out of place on early 90’s house or the more subtle techno of that time.

Finally, Eris give us ‘Enchanted’ which see the tempo drop but I think from the off this is the choice cut on this release for me. Great beats, well programmed sound design and acid, this is pure quality.

Reviewed By: Neil Martin