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iNFO – Magnetic Fields (Woodwork Recordings)

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iNFO is a name I am growing more familiar with as his growing list of releases continues to garner attention and praise from people that know and appreciate quality electronic music. Hailing from Sheffield like myself I read the press release with intrigue as it paints a rich history of experience right back to when electro first evolved during the 80’s.

Listening through the tracks the press release paints an extremely accurate picture of what to expect from this artist. Having firmly found his production feet what we have are four tracks of varied electro style offerings that demonstrate an artist still keen to experiment with sound and quality being key.

Four tracks of the ‘real’ you might say. ‘Warm space’ makes a bold start with tough robotic beats and bold synths that sound like an artist fully expressing themselves. Layers of electronic goodness and a nice bleep feel updated for now.

‘Stepping back’ slows the pace but keeps that machine soul very much present. Plenty of influences can be heard but here iNFO injects plenty of emotion all his own into the sounds and groove. Also, great to hear some acid used deftly as it is gently introduced building to be the main feature of the track.

Title track ‘Magnetic fields’ goes in yet another direction with some dub flavours and a jazz feel to the bassline. What I also like is the amount of space there is within the sounds and there is to me an interpretation of that unique Drexciyan sound.

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Closing out this stellar release is ‘Intervene’ which features more rich beats and melodies with more of the Sheffield signature in abundance. Also used to great effect are ethereal strings, more emotional content. A great way to close out the release.

What we have are four tracks of quality electronics further growing iNFO’s reputation as an artist to check. Whilst there are many influences to draw on in his music, he stands strong as someone who is creating his own sound. Support artists like this, maybe new to production but with a lifetime of influences and emotion to convey within their own sound. Support independent, underground artists and labels.

Review by: Neil Martin