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John Shima - CPU Modular 1 (CPU)

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Out now from the inimitable Sheffield based electro power house that is CPU! John Shima presents an incredible four track EP.

Usually I say a bit about the label and the artist before launching into the actual review. Unfortunately due to a mixture of laptop issues, software issues, time, life, work and about a million other factors I am not going to do this today. I also feel that CPU has carved its place into the world of electro and electronic music so effectively that it needs little to no introduction! CPU is an ‘immediate essential buy’ on manys weekly music shop quite often before even listening to it!

‘Talking of little or no introduction, Mr John Shima I feel falls into this category too, an exemplary producer, accomplished DJ, all round lovely human amongst many other talents! If you have come across this review through a crazy late night internet rabbit hole and haven't heard of either CPU records or John Shima, I sincerely suggest branching down two new rabbit holes and finding anything and everything you can about each!

The A side kicks proceedings off with 003. A four/four kick surrounded by shuffling, mechanistic, almost military percussion, leading nicely into plodding, stabby, upbeat bass. Quickly this leads to wonky, delayed, almost reminiscent of the ‘Who's Afraid of Detroit’ top line. This is heads down, 3am, shuffling, dancefloor gold! Absolutely love it. I'm making at least double the amount of spelling mistakes as I normally do because I'm bouncing in my seat as I write.

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Track two on the A side is 010. Solid four/four, a driving low bass comes in, precise percussion drives the groove forward. Different synth melodies ride the track, switching up the groove and intensity. Decent dancefloor destroyer.

011 is the first track on the flip. Wowzers! This is just a frenetic, relentless, layered, hypnotic, driving, acidic groove from another dimension! Pure fire! Amazing stuff!

For the last track of the EP we have 005. Shima slows things down a bit intensity wise. There's lots going on at the low end, electronic chunk funk, shuffling percussion bumps things along, different synth lines interact with each other as if some kind of weird electronic conversation. 5am weirdness for the heads - lovely stuff!

Well to round up, CPU continues with their unbelievably high bar of quality curation, and John Shima, well, he's just consistently amazing!

Reviewed By: Matt Sever