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Lloyd Stellar - Esoteric Enterprise (Gated Recordings)

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Forthcoming on Gated Recordings – Lloyd Stellar presents Esoteric Enterprise.

There’s not much info on Gated Recordings other than its run by DJ Node and Jadey Smith, and an impressive back catalogue on Discogs including some of my favourite artists, such as Sound Synthesis and Perseus Traxx. Well worth a dig.

Lloyd Stellar aka Erik Griffioen, Dutch electronic artist tackles themes such as the relationship between humans and machines, and apocalyptic consequences of mans greed through electro machine funk music. He has notched up a fair few releases on labels such as Speicmen, Preset, and Diffuse Reality amongst others.

Esoteric Enterprise kicks this EP off, it starts with tinkling keys, electro kick and clap, then a driving relentless bassline. This is proper heads down 3am dancefloor business. Next up The Future Is Not What It Used To Be.

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Catchy, echoed, wonky keys loop from the beginning. A subtle, yet intense break like beat and bass carry the loop into your brain. Once there, atmospheric pads and the occasional tripped out vocal make this my favourite track of the EP. Sublime mind music!

Echoes From Another World rounds off the A side. A sort of broken beat almost, falling bassline, melancholy keys and melodies overlay and build. The B side starts with Raum & Zeit. More of an electro beat, wowzers on the subby bassline, I would LOVE to hear that over a decent sound system!

Ear worm percussion, weirded out pads, strange modulated vocals, trippy AF. I love this track, a very close second favourite track of the EP. Awesome. The second track on the B side is Servants of the Future. This starts with a vocal sample, then drifts into a winding bassline, surrounded by winding melodies, strings, pads, and fx.

Kind of has an impending doom vibe, but in a good electro way. The EP finishes up with Stranger in a Strange Land. What feels like the fastest track of the EP. If you can picture a lone space man landing on a hostile planet battling his way across the sci fi landscape battling all manor of alien beings, this could well soundtrack a montage of that in a film. Fantastic finish to a fantastic EP.

A solid release from Lloyd and Gated. Excellent work!

Reviewed By: Matt Sever