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Lloyd Stellar x The Droid - Rise of the machines (20/20Vision)

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The latest release on the newly redefined 20/20 Vision imprint features the production talents of Erik Griffioen & Ben Evans who deliver a release packed with quality. The sort of quality you would expect with Ralph Lawsons visionary imprint.

‘Rise of the machines’ is pure uptempo future funk. Full of the urgency of the Detroit sound but still packed with its own signature. Since the direction of the label changed they have searched for the more fresh electro sounds and this is no different. This is the real sound of electro in 2022.

‘Prisoners’ is very much cut form the same mould. Uptempo funk of the finest order. Modulating synths and vocodered voices get even the most reluctant people on their feet dancing. Proper.

‘Room and pillar’ is yet another beatless intro of pure fire. Followed by a proper bass line and breaks. Deepness abounds.

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‘The neutral zone’ drops the pace slightly but not the funk and this might be my pick of the release. Brim full of the attitude of the first three cuts but that tempo change is sublime. Complete with a soothing bass line, this one will draw you in.

As a lifelong supporter of the 20/20 vision output this new direction is most welcome, particularly, as always, the quality control is first class. Check this and also if you haven’t the rest of the 20/20 Vision back catalogue.

Reviewed By: Neil Martin