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Morphology - Twelve 1 and Twelve 2 LPs (FireScope Records)

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For those in any way down with electro in its 21st century iteration the name Morphology should definitely not be unfamiliar. To commemorate the twelve years plus of genre (re)defining shenanigans where Michael Diekmann and Matti Turunen have been making the sound truly theirs under the Morphology pseudonym, this, appropriately titled, double release LP (yes, not double-LP – this is officially two, juicy, releases) marks the occasion perfectly.

This epic, double release of double LPs spans more than 12 years of icy cool, intergalactic funk laden rhythms, sci-fi soundscapes and robot love in various shades of glacial sheen. This is mind warping, hi-brow, low-key, mech-soul music - delivered with the graceful passion and conviction of vision that only comes with this degree of conceptual certitude.

These tracks are gathered from initial releases on such influential – some would say inceptive - outlets as Diametric, Semantica, Central Processing Unit, and Cultivated Electronics, amongst others. They have been lovingly remastered, and it shows. These cuts crackle, vibrating beyond their musical core, with a thunderous resonance befitting the original compositions, and then some.

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This is a collection acting as testament to a sound that was already evolved from the outset – this began in the future, a sound wildly re-layering and disassembling itself over the years into sonic slices of supersensory composition for assimilation by a focused, foresighted ever-growing following.

Twelve 1 documents the years from 2009-20016, some of these cuts have long been unavailable and to hear them aligned like this hammers home just how timeless this duo and their music are. Time is little more than a distraction when the music is not of this world.

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Twelve 2 focusses on the decade between 2009-20019 and continues where the 1st LP left off, a little darker in some places and discernibly lighter in others. Both LPs complement each other perfectly and I, for one, fully recommend that you buy both. To see so much resolute musical purpose on display in such beautifully sonorous packages has restored my faith in music.

Electronic music needs more Morphology.

Reviewed by: The Hi-Tek Lo-Life