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Morphology - The Dark Wheel (Cultivated Electronics 038)

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Forthcoming on Cultivated Electronics, Morphology present The Dark Wheel EP.

Cultivated Electronics is a London based electro label run by Sync 24 aka Phil Bolland. Anyone even slightly into electro should be aware of CE, they have 40 releases listed on Discogs, all high quality electro cuts. This is definitely one of my ‘instantly buy every release’ labels, this is a labels quality control you can trust every time. Sync 24 also promote the Scand club night in case anyone can remember the days when we used to be able to go out?

Morphology is a Finnish electro duo, Matti Turunen and Michael Diekmann. Formed in 2009 the duo has carved their own space within the electro universe combining techno, acid and soulful emotive melodies with traditional electro elements. They have had releases on Exalt, Diametric, Central Processing Unit and Firescope to name a few. I also recommend a dive down the Discogs rabbit hole of their individual back catalogues, some real gems in there. The Dark Wheel EP follows a previous release on CE – Mind Stealers (CE023) an amazing release


A2 Teogre. This starts with a more broken beat style kick. A constantly evolving up and down electronic blip stutters throughout, expertly programmed percussion builds, atmospheric sounds and pads spin the brain, a bass that would evoke a cheer from the dancefloor comes in. Everything weaves in and out of each other whilst surrounded by signature haunted pads. Serious tune. I think my favourite just on the EP.

On the flipside B1 Quidra. This starts with some percussion and stabs of subtle white noise almost, a metallic snare gives some groove and then a broken beat. This rolls perfectly, proper shake your leg and nod your head fodder, or in better times last year proper dancefloor destroyer. An epic acid line comes in and as mentioned before Morphologys expert control and pacing of their productions this builds, drops and builds perfectly throughout. This might be my favourite (just)


The EP is rounded off with Orrere. Straight away a more traditional electro beat, acidic stabs, sporadic stabs of bass, tension slowly building, evolving urgent synth line, building all the time. Yet another brilliantly executed, dancefloor pointed slab of electro.

What can I say? Precise, driving, emotive, electro funk. Killer release. Serious high quality, essential electro from Morphology and Cultivated Electronics – again. Reviewed By: Matt Sever.

Reviewed By: Matt Sever