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Plant43 - Sublunar (Plant43 Recordings)

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Plant43 aka Emile Facey is a man of many talents – producer, live act, DJ, label owner, graphic designer. He has released over one hundred tracks since 2006, cofounded Bleep43 and now has his own label Plant43 Recordings showcasing his incredible take on electro.

Sublunar Tides starts with a no-nonsense rolling electro beat, quickly followed by pads a deep drawn-out bass, layers upon layers of elements build, never sounding crowded, an echoed synth lines seem to talk to each other throughout. Links forever forged starts with pads and hats, a strong basic electro kick comes in, clean precise percussion builds and drops, a high synth line alternates with a low bass, this is a sunrise track, beautiful.

Arc Furnace starts with sparse plink plonk stabs with long reverb it sounds like, then the machine funk driving electro beat, next emotive pads build, then the winding worm like synth line borrows into your brain, then comes the ominous relentless bassline.

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A driving 3am type track. Concrete Breakers I love this track, much slower tempo, solid heavy electro kick, expertly programmed pads, weird arpeggiated synth lines weave in around the beat, plodding bass line, this sounds like something from a sci fi film after an epic battle. Neon Sentinel is a stick the headphones on, shut your eyes and go on a journey track

. Transient Cities an electro beat, atmospheric pads, a meandering bassline rolls underneath. Perfect Ruin is simply exquisite, an ambient track, it sounds like we are listening on some alien conversation, amazing. Still Sparks is an understated track, almost underwater in its feel, it builds and builds subtly throughout, intense but not in your face at all.

Last track of the album – Tides Align, another beatless track, pads and synth lines intertwine, fold, in and over each other, emotional, beautiful. All in all, a stunning album, Plant43 is an expert at his craft, another buy on site artist. Consistent top-quality output.

Reviewed by Matt Sever