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Plant43 - Interlinked (Plant43 Recordings)

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Forthcoming on Plant43 Recordings – Plant43 – Interlinked. Plant43 AKA Emile Facey got into the electro sound early in the 80’s via Kraftwerk and the Street Sound Compilations. London based, he started promoting electro events in ’98. The years that followed he started on his path of production.

In 2006 he released his first record on Ai records. Since then, he has released over one hundred tracks on labels such as CPU, Cultivated Electronics and Bleep 43 (of which he is a co-founder) to name a few. As if that was not enough, he is also a graphic designer and illustrator. I highly recommend a dive down the rabbit hole of his back catalogue, many a gem to be found.

Plant43 Recordings had its first release in 2020 with five releases under its belt already, all from the man himself – again all worth checking out, top quality all the way.

So on to the music. The A side is home to Interlinked. A no nonsense electro beat, subtle reverb, emotive pads and then a solid bass pattern. A driving high synth pattern creates drive and groove, a lower sporadic synth melody brings depth and emotion. The changing percussion patterns expertly programmed bring urgency and build and then slow things down. Perfectly executed electro.

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The B side starts with Ancient Voice. This is a clean clear crisp electro beat to start and then the lushest synth line comes in every 16 beats, its just fills your head and swims around in there. Then the bass hits every 8 beats. The kind of bass that you would want to stand next to the speaker and listen to. Again, a driving high synth pattern creates a hypnotic thread throughout.

The restrained melody ties in perfectly, and the up/down percussion after the beautiful break is just flawless. I think just slightly edges ahead as my favourite track, although it is hard to pick.

So, track two on the B side is The Silent Flock. This feels like a slightly slower bpm. It starts with an arpeggiated high synth pattern. He is the king of these. They literally wind their way into your mind. So good. An understated almost break beat comes in. Pads, bass, and melody all just build, fold, and mesh into a simply beautiful yet slightly haunting atmospheric wall of sound. Proper 6am one for the heads, chug crew. Simply incredible. All in all, an essential release, three exquisite cuts of electro from a master.

Reviewed By: Matt Sever