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Rai Scott - Anahata Nada EP (Chateau Chépère)

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Having been approached to provide a review for this release directly by the label I was intrigued to check this collection of music out. Being part of the Timeline family is a pleasure though I must admit I do read in some awe the way some of my fellow writers take a release and present a full artist profile. I tend to be slightly more succinct though we are all lovers of the real.

I recognised one of the artists names but couldn’t place it, a quick look online and my memory was furnished, deep house of the finest and purest sense. I am not that familiar with Rai’s alternate artist name of Serendipity but I am further intrigued to find out about this part of her production outlet. So, this is quite an equally intriguing blend with the label being born of the free party philosophy, outdoor gatherings and the like. Also we have the fact that this is a Swiss affair so it is always engaging to experience different cultures take on that universal house sound.

Let’s get to the music, first up we have Rai and ‘Logical positivism’ and what we have here is a straight up slice of house music for the soul. Dwelling in that sphere somewhere between house and techno, the emotional end of techno and that should give you an idea. Rhythmic, percussive and effect laden this gives us an idea of what to expect as the artist opens up their soul to us.

‘Track 4 inspired’ drops the tempo slightly and takes the emotional content far deeper. A real dub affair reminiscent of the Rhythm and Sound project.

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‘Open your eyes’ is a Serendipity production and this is yet another delightful piece of deep and emotive house music.

Next we have the Rai rework of her pseudonym and things take a slighter more upbeat tempo. The many shades of Rai springs to mind, much in the same way Cajual got Derrick Carter to showcase their varied sounds. This in incessantly good, with the tempo change and percussion working wonders.

Closing out the release is the title track and it turns out to be an ambient piece which to me perfectly showcases the artists musical ability and love of sound.

All in all this a lovely release, brim full of quality. As first releases got this is truly a work of love. Please check this and support if it works for you.

Reviewed By: Neil Martin