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Regis - Beyond the Reach of Time EP (EPMmusic)

BPO62 Label

The man, the techno phenomenon that is Regis (A.K.A Karl O'Connor) is a category defining S.O.B, constantly surprising – rarely disappointing. Delivering sounds ranging from ferocious industrial to sublime melody infused electronica the man continues to deliver, prolifically. This, the final release in the 20th year that EPMmusic have been releasing music is no exception.

There has always been something quite punk, albeit with a Gothic tinge, in the output of senhor Regis, an inherent push against societal and musical norms. Here we have three slices of exactly that, he does not play by the rules. This feels improvised for the most part – produced on the fly. Elements swirling in and out of the mix, ferociously. Piercing cymbals, dirty, crunchy hi-hats, and heavy-duty percussion grind together – perversely building throughout the three cuts on offer here.

BPO62 Label

The EP culminates in what is, for me, the highlight of the release; Beyond the Reach of Time – a mixture of brutal melancholia and percussive mastery - which, as the title suggests, is a tad atemporal, defying classification of being from any specific time (or place). This is past, present, and future all rolled into one belter of a package.

This one is guaranteed to satisfy fans of Mr O’Connor’s previous output and is definitely going to pull in some new blood to his realm. The ugliness of the drums and the beautiful melancholy of the strings take the listener to hitherto uncharted waters.

Tough love for the uninitiated, an aural delight for those in the know.

Essential. X

This one is out soon, around November 12th on both vinyl and digital formats.

Reviewed by: The Bearded Wonder