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Sound Synthesis - Orbital Frequencies (Distant Worlds)

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Forthcoming on the always exemplary Distant Worlds record label -Sound Synthesis – Orbital Frequencies, a four track EP of electronic delight.

Sound Synthesis aka Keith Farrugia is an electronic music producer hailing from Malta. I love reviewing records, especially when I come across an artist I have not heard before, that instantly makes it onto my ‘buy anything and everything from this artist immediately’ list. He is quite simply incredible. His music is intricate, intelligent, deep but not heavy, and beautiful but not in a high brow or exclusive way. His production skills are a cut above. I am not sure how to explain it, I know its electronic music, but it sounds like he is weaving the organic or natural with the electronic in the most amazing way in his tracks. Please check out his website – you will hear what I mean, Selected Future From the Past is epic. He also releases under the guise of Stimulus Timbre, again all music under this alias is well worth checking out. I could gush on – but I won’t.

The Distant Worlds record label does not need much introduction to regular Timeline devotees. Relentless quality and consistency. In my humble opinion one of the best labels out there. This is their tenth release, it follows releases from the likes of John Shima, Derek Carr and the incredible Mhail P to name a few. The artists they have had reads like a veritable who’s who of current excellence within our scene. Their dedication to vinyl and just high quality no nonsense electronic music is second to none.

On to the important stuff – the music. The A side kicks off with Planet Hope. Its incredible how music conveys feeling and emotion. The pads sound hopeful, an electro beat swiftly kicks in, everything builds toward the middle of the track, layers are expertly added to the pads and the beat, both weaving around each other until the break when the perfect acid line comes in. Cue the drop and just the most incredible programming. Perfect. I can imagine this when we can be together again as the sun is rising. Simply perfect.

A2 Thinking of You starts with a deep almost growling synth line, next an electro break beat, then pads, chords, melody. Again, SS builds and drops with ease, adding layers without it ever sounding crowded, an acid line appears without you realising, deep, emotional music, yet it has that groove that dancefloor edge where you could just get lost in it.

On to the B side, first up is Transmission of Life. Pads start us off again, percussion and then beat. Complex, elaborate programming, layers, progressions, melodies, weave, fold, build, drop, feeling, groove, movement, all of these words and more spring to mind whilst listening to not just this but all of Keith Farrugia’s music. He reminds me a little of Aphex, but very much with his own sound. The next afters I am at, instead of reaching for Selected Ambient works, I will stick some Sound Synthesis/Stimulus Timbre on.

Reviewed By: Matt Sever