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Theiz - Waiting On Closure EP (EPMmusic)

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Forthcoming on EPMmusic – Theiz presents Waiting on Closure.

EPM is digital music distribution company, a label, PR, and a publishing company, based in Maastricht, in the Netherlands. With just over two decades of experience in all of the above and in the scene we love, EPM have a plethora of top notch quality releases on their label.

Theiz aka Mathijs Schippers started his electronic music journey in the late ‘90s through to the early ‘00s with releases on Eevolute, Techno-Tourist and Ear-land Recordings. After a 15-year hiatus Theiz started producing again. His influences range from Pink Floyd to Plastikman and FSOL to Tangerine Dream to name a few. His productions vary taking in techno, trip hop, ambient and electro.

East Island aka Peter Van Der Loon & Tonie Van Der Loon, Eevolute, Downlow, Ear-land and EevoNext stalwarts are on remix duty.

Track one is the EP’s title – Waiting On Closure. A strong four / four kick, precise metallic hats, an emotive pad line, a muffled deep bass compliments the pad line. Electronic bleeps float above the track before a break with sweeping stabs and then a break beat percussive loop comes in before the drop. Deep, electronic funk.

Second is We’ll Find a Way. A deep, filtered, bassy pad line quickly leads to a solid electro beat. A driving almost bouncy deep bassline rides the beat. Weird spacey electronic noises weave in and around the track, a distant sporadic vocal comes through, and then, as if that wasn’t enough, the perfect hypnotic, driving acid line relentlessly burrows into your mind. Exquisite electro.

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Next up is the third track and this is an East Island remix of the previous track – We’ll Find a Way. Well, East Island certainly made this remix their own. Listening to the tracks one after the other knowing this is a remix, I can hear the connections to the original. But they have done a fantastic job of really remixing this into something new. A four / four beat, driving funky bassline, then the layers start to build, dreamy pads, different percussion patterns, complimentary synth lines wind around the track, the voice is slightly more heavily FX’d, the acid line is still there. This has more of a hypnotic house feel, one of those get lost in the track tracks.

The final track of the EP is A Quiet Warm Sense. This is simply beautiful. It starts a kind of broken beat style track, disjointed, discombobulated beats, emotive, hopeful pads. I love when a track makes you feel like its all over the place, like your brain can’t quite make sense of it, and then suddenly when the electro / break beat comes in it all makes sense and comes together. Intelligent, deep, beautiful electronic music. My favourite track of the EP.

All in all, another solid release from the always on point EPM crew. And what can I say about Theiz, I’m just gutted he spent so much time away from producing, but I am very happy he came back!

Reviewed By: Matt Sever