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Various Artists - OHM Series 001

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Ohm Series has been created by Bjarnar Jonsson to release high quality dub techno. Bjarnar Jonsson aka Ohm, Mr Signout, We Deserve, Sonord, and Exos & Ohm is based in Copenhagen and is a prominent figure in todays Icelandic techno scene. You can usually see him on Thule Records, Force Inc, Rawax, Luck of access, Taped artifact,Nilla and Kontakt. Ohm had his first release in 1999 and has been producing, releasing and DJing since then. I highly recommend a dig through not just his back catalogue but also through the labels I mentioned above and his Mr Signout Bandcamp if you are not familiar..

On this release there are five artists (including Ohm himself). Stojche, Macedonia born, Berlin based has a fair few releases under his belt on labels such as Subwax and Dogmatik to name a couple, as well as his own labels Tangible Assets and Argumento Music Group (AMG) of which he is a co-founder – FYI the AMG is an amazing series of releases. Thor & Ohm, obviously I’ve discussed Ohm above, Thor aka Thorhallur Skulason also releases under the guises Sanasoul, Oz Artists, Flow Machine and Thor54 and is the head honcho of the awesome Thule Records label. He’s been releasing music since ’95 with a small gap between the ‘00’s and 2010.

Excellent producer. Waage had his first release in 2017 on Thule with another release listed in 2019 on X/OZ, all I can say is he is incredible, one to watch and check out what he’s done so far. Yagya aka Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson also releases as the other half of Sanasoul with Thor and Plastic. Atmosphere and mood are what Yagya concentrates on in his music and this shines through in his productions


On to the music, the A1 Stojche presents Cellar. A rolling, bassy start, thunderous kicks, groove laden percussion, dubbed out, echoing chords and stabs. This is quite a tough cut softened by the beautiful shifting morphing stabs and chords. Driving, lovely build, solid track.

A2 Thor & Ohm give us Skuggahverfi. A muffled bass and four/four kick start the track, some hats and atmospheric pads and noises add to the groove. Chords swim in and out of the track, along with the occasional vocal. Plenty of delay this track is a hypnotic, tripped out groover, a stick the headphones on and close your eyes and drift away, or maybe later this summer close your eyes in the early hours of the morning and lose yourself to the track in a field somewhere. Excellent track from the boss and Thor.

On the flipside its B1. Waage with the aptly titled B1. I think this is my personal favourite (only just! A very difficult choice). Off kilter fuzzy noise creates a rhythmic backdrop to the shuffling relentless hypnotic beat.

Sparse but persistent percussion create a real groove to get hooked into. More white noise overlays to help with the disorientation of the track and then distant clanking chords come from what feels like the depth of your mind, reverbed, filtered, and delayed just to help with that lovely disorientation some tracks give you. This track is amazing. Subtle, driving, relentless, hypnotic, sublime.

Yagya rounds things off with the B2. Titled Nebulous Egress. A four/four kick, some hats, atmospheric pads falling and rising slowly behind the beat, stabs shortly follow, percussion builds. This is a beautiful track, brilliantly executed. Subtle use of effects to gently nudge the intensity of the pads and the stabs, dramatically change the dynamic of the track. This builds so perfectly, it sounds incredible in my headphones, this would be absolutely amazing over a huge system.

What a first release, it was genuinely hard to pick a favourite. Unbelievably high quality first release. Ohm’s Ohm Series is one to watch for sure.

Reviewed By: Matt Sever