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D5 – WGD 12003 (We're Going Deep)

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The latest WGD release is another foray into a single artist delivering the goods. And as we have all come to expect and enjoy the quality control is set to 11 once more.

D5 has an enviable back catalogue and this is yet another worthy addition.

The opening track ‘Red analysis’ had me hooked from the first few bars and would not let me go. Futuristic, subtle and emotive funk is the order of the day.

‘Black analysis master’ is more expertly and deftly delivered electronic joy. We are definitely in that special place of Hi-tek jazz. Proper and then some.

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Closing this release is ‘No analysis’ and things toughen up somewhat yet retains a sense of driving subtlety. This is deep and very much in keeping with the labels ethos.

Three cuts of fresh, forward electronic funk. What’s not to love, just buy it folks.

Reviewed By: Neil Martin