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Various Artists – Cignol, Armec, Jared Wilson, Gilbert – WGD 002


Forthcoming on We’re Going Deep Records a four track vinyl EP featuring Cignol, Armec, Jared Wilson and Gilbert.

We’re Going Deep is the new label from Paul Wise aka Placid. Resident at I Love Acid since 2010 and collecting records and being involved with this scene we love in a myriad of ways since 1988. Paul has a reputation for not just his very impressive collection of vinyl from over the years but also his encyclopaedic knowledge of acid house. He runs a huge group on facebook dedicated to sharing the deeper side of electronic music with a community of nearly 15,000 likeminded members.

To say he is well placed to curate a label of electronic music would be an understatement. WGD001 was an absolutely incredible release, kicking things off in style with amazing artists and producers Tin Man, Derek Carr, Posthuman and Dircsen. An essential purchase in my humble opinion. WGD002 follows in the same vein. Four essential cuts from four fantastic artists.

The A side kicks things off with Night Time Traverse by Cignol. Cignol aka Paul Hammock based in Dublin, creates emotive electronic music with soul. A quick flick through his extensive back catalogue shows he knows what he is doing. Atmospheric chords start the track off, a four / four beat quickly comes in, whispered percussion rides the beat, and then a snare. Synth melodies melt over the top, emotive pads build behind the track. A morphing acid line comes in and out of the track as it subtly builds and drops.

The second track on the A side is brought to us by Armec and is called Celestial Mechanics. Armec aka Robbie Mecrow is an electro producer from Manchester. Not too much info out there about him. It seems that he has four releases under his belt since 2019. Judging by his back catalogue he is one to watch, Zeal from the Spirograph EP on Nebulae Records is simply amazing. Growling bass and echoing fading left to right sweeping sounds start this track off.

Then a no-nonsense electro beat comes in. There are two worlds colliding here. The long-drawn-out undulating growl, the sweeping left to right sounds, walls of electronic sound slowly unfold, roll and build in the grandest of ways, this could almost be an epic ambient record, but then you have this relentless groove of the electro beat, with the tight precise percussion, and constant groove, that gives this track a hypnotic funk that delves into your mind. This is amazing. One of those records you can lose yourself in - Brilliant.


B1 is Jared Wilson – Leave your World Behind (GOM Mix). Jared hails from Detroit. Again, not too much info out there about him. He was in a duo called Obsolete with Adam Shirley back in 2001. His Discogs shows well over twenty releases from 2007 onwards on heavyweight labels such as Super Rhythm Trax, Dixo Avenue Basement Jams, 7777, and Skudge Presents to name a few. His bio states that he uses analogue gear. His style is a rough and raw, unafraid approach to techno. The 303 is central to his sound too. Leave Your World Behind starts with his signature acid line and some off kilter percussion. Next a four four kick comes in and a relentless ride. Next an almost eastern sounding synth line appears. The synth line, percussion, and acid line all morph, change, interact and come in and out throughout. Solid raw techno business..

Gilbert rounds the EP off with Signs of Hope. Gilbert aka Tom Gilbert is one third of Bristol party Boxjam with JLF and Glen Foxon. He plays records as well as produces. He has five releases under his belt since 2018. He is currently signed to Owain K’s Innate Records. Birds of Paradise on that very label is lush, it sounds old school yet fresh, a serious tune.

Gilbert is well worth checking out. The track starts with percussion, electronic drips falling down through a flanger. The melodic bassline sounds like its falling out over the four / four kick. Precise percussion and emotional pads build and communicate with each other. The programming is bliss in this record. Its like an electronic language, it deconstructs and builds back up perfectly. Great tune.

Well Paul certainly knows what he’s doing. A perfect curation of deep quality electronic music. This will be one of those ‘instantly buy’ labels, you just know that it will be top notch electronic music on any release. Not only was this a fantastic release, it was also an education. I have looked up every artist, followed them on their various social platforms, especially bandcamp, and I now have over ten tracks in my cart right now!.

Reviewed By: Matt Sever