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The third release on Paul Wise a.k.a. Placid’s imprint lands and as you would expect the quality control is A+++ just as the first two have been. As with those this follows the theme of giving us four different artists to deliver a selection of styles very much in keeping with the music that Placid plays, high quality, varied and deep electronics. I only know Paul via social media, so have seen on there as with many other independent labels within our community this is a real labour of love, one that has evolved from a music group on Facebook to share old and new music to likeminds. This ethos has now extended to a record label of the same name.

First up is Moy with ‘Ouroboros’ and ooffft, even by his calibre this is superb. Electro acid of the highest standard with a lovely percussive introduction, not something you often hear but very welcome. The acid is just so nice, if I ever get round to it this is the sort of rhythm I would love to produce as it has a proper elastic feel with plenty of funk in the groove.

Next we have ReKab and ‘Summer dreams’ which see the tempo drop to give us a real piece of atmospheric electronics. Stylistically quite the contrast to Moy but equally as high standard in terms of production. This really draws you in the more you let it play and it just so nicely produced. A versatile track that could be used to open or close a set maybe or be highlight of a more downtempo set. Choice.

Garret David the gives us ‘Cruisin’ thru’ which sees us veer once more in another direction, this time the depth is of the house variety. I must admit that of late I haven’t bought that much house but this is just the sort of tune to reinvigorate my taste for it. Again, superbly produced and with an infectious groove guaranteed to get everyone up dancing it has a really happy feel to it whilst maintaining the depth associated with the label’s aesthetic.

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Finally, Moody Waters closes this stellar release with ‘Hindsight’ and here the tone slightly changes in line with the title. Plenty of scope for reflection in these grooves. Again a house cut and one so well done. Music to listen to but also groove to, just so well produced leading us to a vocal sample that puts the hindsight of the title in a certain perspective. There are some touches of the acidic nature along with other deftly produced sounds all combining to make something to lose yourself in.

So there we have it, release no.3 and the standard has been maintained. What I think is great about this release and the labels aesthetic is that you might have an idea what you are going to get but the one guarantee is that whatever styles you encounter in the grooves the calibre of each track will be of the highest order. As I listened to each track I was thinking this is the pick of the release which if honest is not something you can often say. If you love electronics done right then you need this record.

Review by: Neil Martin