Federsen - Magnetospheric (RANGES)

Federsen - Magnetospheric (RANGES)

Reflection by Roger V for Timeline Music UK

Federsen kicks off Ranges limited long player CD series with his new album Magnetospheric- and the experience is Deep, Dubby, and Dope with both Techno and House vibes providing the smooth antidotes....

Ranges is a dedicated label out of Germany, specializing in Dub Techno things and curated by the talented artist Hydergine. They are launching a new CD series- limited black disc, for album projects. First up is Federsen, a San Francisco based artist with serious skills, and a groovy and reggae dub accent to productions; for Ranges, Federsen delivers a beautiful album, with beautiful midnight tone artwork, in Magnetospheric's

Dub Techno and House landscapes full of atmospheric seduction.

There is a great center of the room absorbing affair throughout Magnetospheric as the pure bliss of hiss coats the music canvases with complimentary low end bass, easily setting up a warm listening embrace. Throughout the building of the track's journeys chords become more clear as they float freely throughout the thick atmospheres, with deep bounces of minimal techno keeping the rhythms in gear. The listen stays cohesive yet dynamic in the shades of this style it presents; On the other side, territories shift finely between Dub House and Dub Techno vibes carrying strong accents of hazy airs interlaced with surreal melody affairs. In many ways this gives feelings of the vast nature and city in this album's personality.

Take the House and Dub love of "Cerulean" for example, a track that goes deep introspective complimented with a funky lofi bassline for the basement party, late city hours treatment, while the track "Anyplace" is one that can take the listener to deep corners of their mind with its subtle jazzy loops and deep bass for quite an engaging time.

"Forms" carries a spacey Techno foundation with Detroit edges and that tech swing to its rhythm, and such a relaxing melody, fit for the daylight or night.

There also lush dub escapes into the aquatic realms "Lìinfinito" is a true gem, bringing about moods of lush waterways and mystic stone caves, with a sensual touch in aura that is truly submerging. Those are just a few of the scenes and dubby dreams to be experienced while listening to this album. Every track is fine quality; "Magnetospheric" is the type of CD you put on and let it do its magic from there, as it creates an engaging world of deep and captivating listen that is smooth and cohesive.

At the same time any track on this album can do wonders on its own for creating dreamy, and hypnotic moods and tones perfect for listening during commutes or at home. Likewise, this is a great listen when you're nature admiring the surroundings with your headphones.

Fans of Dub, Techno, and all things Deep in general will find this charming album to be quite essential. An excellent display of textures, melodic tones, and undeniable atmosphere in the proper Techno, House. And Dub that allows the listener to feel it as well as hear it, can all be found in Federsen's top notch album "Magnetospheric