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Geert - Meandering Minds (Sonntag Records)

Geert - Meandering Minds (Sonntag Records)

Overview: Geert is a producer from Amsterdam with a lifelong & diverse musical background that defines his approach to electronic music production. After society’s straightjacket forced him into a life that he found very unsatisfactory, a long process followed that ultimately brought him back to this passion. Meandering Minds is the first release on SONNTAG, Geert’s own imprint. A label setup with a bunch of long-time friends from different creative disciplines. They all share a passion for contemporary music and with forces combined they try to push the boundaries of what a modern music release can be in terms of concept, music and design. SONNTAG tries to capture this notion of residing in-between states, much as the artist himself found himself shifting through different phases of life. A hopeful or melancholic state, originated by the awareness of things that have passed while other things are yet to come. With releases on various other labels coming up, we are now seeing the first marks of Geert on the scene. With a distinctive & well-polished sound, and a determination to dig down deeper to the very essence of trance-inducing dub & hypnotic techno, there's a lot more to expect from this new face. - taken from the artist's bio and introduction to his Sonntag label. The Music:

A1 - 'Meandering Minds' opens up the EP with a magnetic bassline that works in tandem with the beat. The melodic elements are then introduced to the build. The chords and percussion have a dub techno sound to them but this is firmly in the techno realm albeit the bpm is on the slower side. The track is a good opener that progresses nicely and sets a nice dramatic mood. Staying in the sweet spot, it is well produced but really feels like a bridge to another track more than a title song. Having said that, it is a solid track for what it does and with repeat listens it does help the minimalism come out a bit more, opening up to becoming more anticipated and appreciated. 4/5

A2 - Next we have Ohm's version of the title track. The beat is a little heavier and the chords more consistent and languid. The percussion changes becoming a bit busier as well which gives the song a bit more bounce to it. Minor changes but continuing to evolve, this one also stays in the sweet spot. The big difference is obviously the introduction to a acid line drenched in echo that works quite well to give you a solid alternate version to play. The second stanza of the track hones in on the drone being the ever-present elephant in the room. The original version is a bit smoother but this version has a little different and more unique character making it stand out to me a bit more. But it's really just choosing your favorite for that moment. This one feels like a track at the end of a long night out mood wise. Perhaps it's that acid line slowing down that gives me that feeling of "the show's over" :) 4/5

B1 - 'Surface Tension' is an apt name. The track immediately swells into a sci-fi trek through the ominous atmosphere which gives you the feeling of flight. This is what a lot of techno misses out on these days. That feeling of uncertainty. That aura of a rave feeling. How dark will this track go? Will it pull me through this mysterious tension? How serious is this trip we are taking? Should I put on my seat belt? There is just enough pulling this track away from the darkness to have you smiling with your eyes closed. The double hits on the beat combined with that well-placed metallic sounds really accentuate the rise and the fall of the strings so brilliantly and subliminally. A master class in techno here. Gentle but still very powerful. Goosebump material really. One of the best examples of what really good techno can sound like. 5/5

B2 - 'Self Defined' gets right down to business with a pretty sick rhythm fading in. The chord work coupled with the ravey feel is utterly undeniably infectious. The energy of this track is unstoppable, everything revolves around each other tightly , spinning in a tight vortex of sound in motion. An elevator of rushes that has no down in sight. Just complete balls to the wall techno in your face. Not much left to say. 5/5

Synapse: This is quite a debut by an artist and deserved quite a good rating from me. I can't deny its energy and well succinct flow. There are dub techno highlights and for the slower tempo techno tracks I had no fear it was verging into the dreaded business techno arena. The B-side tracks are amazing really. An epic and euphoric track in 'Surface Tension' and a brutal dancefloor wrecker in 'Self Denied' brings this EP to a high level of approval from me. The A-side tracks are good and depending on your tastes will be highly rated I am sure as well. But the B-side, the B-side, the B-side. It's where it's at. Not often tracks from new artists hit me so hard on first few listens. This artist and label come out with a strong debut statement. Lots to look forward to from the sound of this start.

Rating - 84/100 review by Tim Humphrey aka TIM aka errorsinspace

The Details: Artist: Geert Title: Meandering Minds Label: Sonntag Holland Format: Vinyl Catalog #: SNNTG 001 Released: November 20th Mastered: Maspaventi Studio Amsterdam Artwork: Studio Kern Photography: Natasja Martens