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Silicon Scally – Dormant EP (CPU)

Silicon Scally – Dormant EP (CPU)

Overview: Silicon Scally is back with his 3rd release on Sheffield's Central Processing Unit. Silicon Scally is of course, the more brash, brazen and machine sounding like moniker of one Carl Finlow. The name is synonymous with timeless robotic funk that has made him one of the most respected artists in electro for over 20 years now. In the past couple of years, Carl's output has picked up regularity with excellent and newer labels in the genre being ideal homes for the classiest names in the electro. Titled Dormant, this EP is four tracks of scintillating, powerful speaker testers that we have selfishly been spoiled with by the Silicon Scally name.

The Music: a1: 'V Electro' starts the EP off with signature Silicon Scally. A futuristic beat pattern driven by funky hi-hats that get tempered by an electro growling bassline. There are times Silicon Scally sounds to me like a scientific project that morphed out of human control. Perhaps, a nuclear plant evil plan gone awry. It really doesn't get much more sci-fi then this. The mystery is almost diabolical as it reveals itself half way through. Breaking down the rhythm and introducing the story as the melody. Carl's production is impeccable. Normally I like my electro a bit more analog sounding and not so crunchy but Carl is so talented he continues to push the boundaries of sound exploration successfully. Notice how he uses an acid sound as an effect into the rhythm versus a long acid line use. The last-minute focuses on the funk and brings the beat back to the basics of its origin. This is a complete electro track of the upmost quality. 5/5

a2: 'Bode' is the fastest track on the EP pushing a whopping 140 BPM of broken wall-knocking beats. I might get slack for this but is there a psy-electro genre yet? Sinister sounding like it was made in the chemical lab. Normally, this wouldn't be my ideal electro but again, Carl can make the unusual quite damn funky. One of the most unique and busy electro tracks I have heard in a long time. I would love to see people's expressions as this was played out at a club. Mind-bending to say the least. Not my favorite on this release but I give this high mark for being quite daring, different and down right brain-splitting. Sounds like the year 2070 not 2020. 4/5

b1: 'Proximity Censor' is the slowest track on here riding the 120 BPM boundary which automatically ups the electro-funk level to a heavy dosage. Break out the cardboard and your favorite Adidas track suit for this one and try and keep up to this. There are enough zaps, sound fx, squiggles and bubbles for an entire EP put into this one. This stays in the sweet spot through the full length to your delight. I would probably get in the Soul Train line for this one. The bass hits are addictive and if you like stuff on his older Electricity or Bioroid albums you will be in for a treat here. 5/5

b2: Lastly, we have the title track. It features a pounding beat and fast-moving melodic elements that continuously through the anxiety filled first few minutes. Half through the intensity lets up but really just for a few bars before you are thrown back into the turmoil. This track is anything but dormant. This is certainly one of the most intense on the EP energy wise but actually my least favorite of the four. Perhaps it's because my circuits were overloaded hearing the first three. I am confident this track would crush any competitor and would be hard to top but my tastes in Silicon Scally is the ones that are bit more reserved. 4/5

Synapse: The quality of the material has been consistently great and when hot names in the genre can come and go, to continue to be looked at as on the cusp of the best is quite an achievement. Even in the down years in electro in the early 2000's when other genres got more attention, Carl was continuing to plug away with some of his most well-loved releases. Thankfully quality labels like Central Processing Unit have given Carl the platform complete with rosters full of other excellent artists to gain new fans (Thankfully seeing Carl being released on more vinyl in the past few years also is excellent too!). Does Carl Finlow ever not blow your mind?! His tracks are just plain devastating. Not much more to say really. Devastating

Rating- 86/100 - review by Tim Humphrey aka TIM aka errorsinspace The Details: Artist: Silicon Scally Title: Dormant Label: Central Processing Unit Format: Vinyl / Digital Released: October 9th, 2020