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Silver Ash, Tm Shuffle & Monoder: Sunday Dubs (Vuo Records)

Silver Ash, Tm Shuffle & Monoder: Sunday Dubs (Vuo Records)

Dub techno done properly. Three tracks of the good stuff, each with its own take on the sound. The label and artists are new to me but like me, they know their dub grooves and how to orchestrate the aesthetic exactly right..

Silver Ash provides the first cut ‘Sycamore’ that draws you in with its groove and depth of sound. We lose the beat for a breakdown and some effects that just build the energy only for things to return with some power. Nine minutes of modulating dub funk. There are two more tracks, both from Tm Shuffle and Monoder. The first of which is ‘Storm’ and the theme here is space, plenty of space in these sounds, as well as funk. The bass line drops, and we are heading for dancefloor oblivion with a groove to lose yourself in. As with all great Dub Techno tunes, they are ace for long mixes but just as great when listened to from start to finish and so far, both of these fall into that category.

Closing out the release is ‘Calm’ which in contrast to ‘Storm’ does have a brighter feel in its dub tones. The bassline has a real reggae feel to it along with the keys. Would sound great on a big system and there is an incessant snare loop that reminds me on an old Claude Young tune and as the track grooves it way to the end we lose the beat making this great to mix out of or finish a set.

All in all, although this is overtly Dub Techno, I think there are a collection of tracks that could find there way into many versatile DJ’s bags - check.

Review by Neil Martin