Theiz – Moving Forward Into The Past EP (EPM Music)

Theiz – Moving Forward Into The Past EP (EPM Music)

Theiz – Moving forward into the past EP (EPM Music) Review by Neil Martin A new artist to me but the press release was a hugely interesting read. As a producer Theiz started the best part of 30 years ago and has just returned from a 15-year break. The whole thing has a real human feel whilst delivering some fine electronic music.

The EP has four tracks including a remix from a certain Carl Finlow but more about that in a little while. First up, the title track ‘Moving forward into the past’ is deep, thought provoking and deftly produced. There is a nice laid-back vibe to this that draws you in and leaves you feeling quite relaxed.

‘Motor city bliss’ is more expertly crafted excellence. This has a different energy and more aimed at the dancefloor. As the title suggests the influence of the D is very much evident but I do like the bit in the press release that say Theiz has got back to making the music just for the enjoyment of it and it shows. He has signature and it one of class. Loads of detail and texture in the tunes and this one has a definite punch to it whilst keeping your mind stimulated too.

‘The beauty of machines’ has more of the feel of the title track with layers of detail that envelopes you nicely. Whilst influences can be heard nothing is too specific and the range of influences shows in a unique sound.

Finally, we have the Carl Finlow remix of ‘Motor city bliss’ who as you might expect takes things in his own direction whilst keeping the feel of the original composition very much intact. All the Theiz productions have plenty of space in them with a dub theme and Carl keeps that in place. The press release mentions Kraftwerk which I suppose is a guide but to me this more highlights what a great choice of who to ask to remix your music. As with it there is a contrast in style, but it has been done with respect to the artist and their sound.

All in all, a solid collection of music for those that like it deep and excellently produced.